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FEEL LIKE A LADY. DEAL LIKE A MAN: Tips & Secrets on Everything from: Self-Esteem, Friends, Love, Sex, and Men




Principles & Spirituality


Having “principles” about anything is wide in variety, but regardless, it is a conduct and a consistency of conscious and professed rules of action [about whatever the thing]. 

“Spirituality” is not necessarily religious in meaning however it is a quality of being immaterial-the quality of one's thoughts and actions having a tone or tendency of significance of some kind. 

The key word in spiritual is “ritual,” and my feeling about anything spiritual is that (rather than “religiously”) opposite that; spiritual is a combination of what you [ritualistically] think, do, feel, with, about, and towards how and how you exist or co exist with the material world around you. 

Spirituality and Principles is something we seldom think or is at the forefront of our conversation; it’s something that just: IS.

Where a person’s person is concerned, principles are to integrity what spirituality is to [a person’s] character. 

One cannot really suggest, or teach someone principles or spirituality any more than either one is a usual topic at the forefront of conversation (about our own “person”). Spirituality or principles is merely a foundation of who a person is, what they are about, what they stand for and believe in (about whatever). 


In writing this chapter in particular, as opposed to all the other ones in this book, this chapter will be a kind of “inner monologue” (about subjects relating to spirituality and principles). The only way I feel I can jog your conscious conscience about your own personal character/spirituality and your own personal integrity/principles, is to just start in about some of mine regarding: Life, Love, and Career (as it relates to the subject matter and the subtitle of this book: “Everything from: Self-Esteem, Friends, Love, Sex, and Men”) that, while reading, you will too think of what your own are.

I write, deliver my suggestions, and open myself up throughout each chapter in this book from behind that typical buffer of extreme spiritual or religious point of view in order to make my books “attractive” and “safe” enough for you to “like” me enough to want to embrace me and my work without some revolt or jolt. As a real writer (with lots to write about and say), I feel that what I have to say is of more value than my caring about being famed by, or afraid of you-because I am not. If I write and speak to be “like” or “famed” by you, I could not write or speak freely, therefore-I could not be as truthful to you as I should be, because to be interested in (first) being famed and liked by you, is to hide the truth from you and as well, hide the true source of what I speak and write about. In that case, I would be selling you an image-for you to like me-in order to lead you to buy my book, before caring about writing to you from a truthful place. 

Having said that, when I write to you-I write so that what I am saying is such that I could reach you in a way that feels like you are in conversation (with a real person with something real to say or suggest-not just sell). I feel that-that way; you will retain something(s) from what you read-like you would in real dialogue (with a real person). 

As a spiritual person-period-I do not feel like I have to wear my spiritual “welcome me” tag taped across my forehead, or speak to you-my reader-by pounding you upside the head with pie in the sky/“man-made” philosophical spiritual principles in order for you to grasp [something like you are about to read in this chapter…and like at the beginning/segue of Gem #19].

This chapter is merely about spirituality, principles, and the foundations of things; how crucial and important they are in relationship whether it’s: business, inter/personal (and especially in matters of the heart: Friendship and Companionship).

The foundation of beginnings is the “inter-weavings” of Spiritual (aura: unspoken) to Material (actual: spoken/eye-to-eye/handshake) connection.

In relationship (friendship, companionship, inter/personal) something starts in order for something to go on to:

  • Thrive


  • Die

We are responsible for, and are in control of that.

That is my “belief” about the beginnings of [all kinds of] relationship.

In something so important to how we thrive in life, we all have to have a belief about relationship. 

When you are out here in the world, establishing relationships with people, especially with men, (and I say this throughout various chapters in this book about those dinner dates and “getting to know you” stages)…You need to know the foundation of a man’s thinking, but most of all, you should have a foundation of your own thinking: Where from, are your own thought processes derived?



If you have a basic set of thought process and principles (whether they be spiritual, religious, logical, or realistic):

  • You set standards for YOUR SELF (and therefore, create boundaries of respect)
  • You set standards for YOUR LIFE (and therefore, create boundaries of respect)
  • You set standards for the way you will ACCEPT and CREATE RELATIONSHIP: (Friendship, Companionship, Business, Inter/personal)   



My spiritual philosophy is this: No one can run from relative truth.

My spiritual principle is this: If it doesn’t match nature, then to me-it’s “man-made”-something that’s not right with the way “God” made nature-something that’s conjured up to “cult” me and lead me astray under the guise of “spiritual principle” as far as I’m concerned. 

You must have principles (whether spiritual, religious, logical, or realistic).

Having principles is like a person with a dream (and a goal), and a person without a dream:

If you do not have a dream [set of principles] of your own, count on being hired to help someone continue to fulfill theirs. As well, if you do not have your own set of principles, you will easily be mind-controlled and fall into the beliefs of other people’s spiritual principles [where there is a plethora of them that run amok] that very well may not even match or suit your own lifestyle, situation, circumstance, or the way you are living. 

You clearly cannot subscribe to a spiritual philosophy that tells you that everything is perfect and that you need nothing when, if you are one of the billions of people in America who are homeless, unemployed, or 1/3 of a paycheck away from homelessness-that philosophy clearly would not belong anywhere near your livelihood’s repertoire.

Even a billionaire will never have or be in a state of “perfect/ion” and “need nothing.” At a glance, that is some philosophy that belongs to either some very rich person (who still, would “need” in order to remain rich/in business), or a person who certainly does not live in western civilization but rather, in a third world country living off the land, the sea, and the light of day. But even still-rich, modest, poor, living in western civilization, or in a third world country; as long as any HUMAN BEING is living and breathing, he will always be in need of:

  • Food | Water | Air | Shelter
  • Safety | Security
  • Connectedness/Belongingness

The fact that any human being: a poor person through to a billionaire will never be in a state of “perfection” “needing nothing,” should be mysterious of an irony that proves to you that we are, and never will reach this spiritual nirvana that all these chronic “career-spiritualists” are selling and telling you we have arrived at. 

We can’t be so eager to uncover the mysteries of God that we resort to taking on intangibly false beliefs about our current existence as if somehow, tricking our minds into believing what really is-isn’t, is the stairway to heaven and uncovering the mystery of God and all things. That is insanity, and the only “perfect” thing about it is its perfectly good way of fooling yourself into believing you need nothing and wind up throwing yourself into having a nervous breakdown when reality finally catches up to you and proves to you that you do, and always will.  

Secretly, I believe we are all in search of these miracles and mysteries in the beauty of life: the land, the sea, the celestial bodies’ mystery and consistency, animal’s habitat and routine, yet, our dominion over them, their territory versus our way of life and living-all that…most of us feel that some “God,” or entity or thing is responsible. I feel that the closest and most respectful we can be to “God” is to apply our spiritual principles, theories, and philosophies as close to nature as possible-it’s that simple. Naturally and intuitively, logically and realistically, and what makes “objective” but natural and tangible sense in a subjective situation, is how I generally rule (and believe). All of that senselessness and unrealistic philosophy is much apart of that conditioning that people are being put under in this new Millennium and twenty-first century train of thought: That through thought only (the power of your mind/thinking), there really is such a thing as spiritual perfection (nirvana). 

The day that you kick off your shoes and head down to 30ft of water and stand on top of it will be the day we have reached the nirvana and spiritual perfection we are being told and sold we have reached. 

The day that we get the formula for the consistency in seasons, the heavens and skies, the 24/7/365, birth, death, nature, rivers, and are able to duplicate them all (man-made) will be the day we have reached the nirvana and spiritual perfection we are being told and sold we have reached. 

Truth is, we are never going to that answer, our job is to admire it, respect it, and do our best not to fall prey to the belief that we have arrived at spiritual nirvana. 

As human beings, we have to learn to be content with and respect the fact that we will never get the answers to nature’s life’s mysteries. We have to accept that these mysteries are obviously put in place to humble us, and let us know that we are and will never be as perfect as they, but in the meantime: live, love, learn and have fun trying. 



Simple spiritual “secret” is:

  • Relative Truth (not being in denial about what truly applies to you, no matter how much it angers you)
  • Realization (acknowledging and accepting a situation or circumstance for what it really is)
  • Meditation/Prayer (quiet time alone to sort/think yourself through)
  • Preparation (working through situations/circumstances to bring them to pass)
  • Pursuing (better)
  • Doing (good)
  • Living (well)

…And in doing so, the pursuit of happiness, success and all things related will make other people:

·         Inspired by you

·         Motivated by you

·         Ennobled by you

·      Encouraged by you

·      Empowered because of you

...Period. That is the only true “law of attraction.”  


You cannot do a damned thing (or blessed thing) with your thoughts or “speak life” into anything except: SPEAK and THINK. Period.

Your THOUGHTS (spoken aloud or alone in your head) are not one big Stephen King movie, and bouts of selective telekinesis where you can move things, attract things, and make things happen with the power of your mind (only).

Use your head (literally).  

Take responsibility for the happenings or mis-happenings, the goings on, the goings-up (or down) in your own life. Everything gone awry is not “the devil.” Take responsibility for the fact that a lot of what happens (or mis-happens) is the result of what we did (or did not do). Period. Consequence is no coincidence however, all things are not divine intervention arriving and come to cancel out and replace what is pure coincidence. Sometimes you walk in on, overhear, or read things that are purely coincidental; what’s presented to you may seem like a page out of your mind or life book and story-but still, that does not change the fact that you walked in on, overheard, or read something [seemingly exclusive to you]. Some things do belong to coincidence and we have to accept that rather than to pacify, soothe, (or boost) our ego. 

Take responsibility. Being an adult is more than being declared an adult [by and because of a certain age]. Being an adult requires taking full responsibility for our thoughts (before we can truly evolve-healthily). 

It’s disappointing, saddening (and more importantly: dangerous) this new train of thought that we are subscribing to-keeping us dependent upon their agenda by forcing us to play victim; pacifying and lying to our egos-that because of-we keep our fingers pointed outward, thinking that it is okay to place blame on other people, and label other people (“mean,” “negative,” “bad,” and even: “evil”) for the things that we feel we fall short of, or cannot handle because our fantasy of reality can be blown by relative truths that we simply do not want to face… 

We are so lost-so brainwashed, that we don’t even want to be rational and take responsibility for the fact that mere (relative) and inarguable truths are just: mere, relative, and inarguable truths (no matter how we try to fight and dislike it)...

Whatever is not malefic in intent and meant to hurt us exclusively, individually (or collectively), is not “bad” or negative. The (relative) truth is often hurtful, and rude as its awakening. Ignorance is always as kind its cousin named: Bliss… 


Take responsibility tete-a-tete.

If a man is minding his own business, but juggling an apple, an orange, and a banana, and you happen to walk upon him while juggling-and you have a problem with that banana, that means that banana has something about it with which you have to peel and deal. The issue (or your anger) should not be with the man. In that example, the apple, the orange, and the banana are his views, opinions, and beliefs. The man is one person in this world of billions. If he is (minding his business, or juggling with whom it may concern), just because you have the issue with the banana doesn’t mean he is of bad or negative character. But if you attack and label him about that banana, regardless your issue with the banana, the issue is your inability (and ego)…for failing to recognize that there is a world if BILLIONS who all will not have the same beliefs, opinions and views as you.

When it comes to labeling an individual’s person or character, you have to intelligently decipher the difference of someone who is specifically pointing the finger at YOU and judging YOU, from someone with whom your own beliefs, opinions and views might differ. Know the difference before you slay someone’s person, personality or character because of something you may not agree with (or be able to handle)…

We have to take responsibility for thinking and our thoughts all the way around the board. As we graciously, excitedly, and remain hopeful in taking acceptability for thinking that as we thinketh we shall receive [the things we want], as well and although we do not have to accept [the things we wish to ignore and reject], we still have to accept that they exist (from within the opinions, views, and beliefs of other people who have just as right to believe we you may not believe). 

We have to take responsibility for rational [or at the very least: considerate thinking] about life around you as well. We can’t just selectively “take responsibility” for the thoughts in the things we want in and for our life only (and “think” that it just stops there).

Take responsibility for what really is (and what really is NOT going on).

It doesn’t make it bad that simply because some people we meet may force us to think, and in doing so, may cause us to reevaluate our lives and beliefs; cause us to make much needed changes in our lives, and merely live the truth (rather than be comforted by intangible lies and fantasy). The mere thought of having to be faced with that kind of reality causes us to point the finger outward-and we have the nerve to feel comforted by negatively labeling the messengers of truth (when deep inside) we know that we shouldn’t. If we cannot take full responsibility for the relative truth-and what we know is real and solid, how is it that we think we can “think and speak out and into existence” into our lives: solidarity and substantiation? (But expect it to be REAL?)

It’s okay to want an escape and to live in the matrix, but it’s dangerous for you to do so by way of making a conscious decision to be ignorant from the truth [about the matrix].

But the reality is: everything planned, hoped for, or desired begins with a thought/having spoken for.

Everything secured and brought into existence doesn’t just magnetically drop in your life from speaking or thinking it-it requires that you move and actually do-no matter how deep you try to make it sound.

Moving and doing is the only fact.

You can think and speak life into your life from the armchair of your couch until you’re blue in the face, but if you continue to sit there, and think and speak (only), you will merely be [speaking and thinking-only]…while living life sitting on the armchair of your couch.

You cannot allow a cult of new thought and philosophies make you really believe that you can skip the part about [and in this order-in order to manifest]:

  • Your thoughts controlling your body
  • Your body making your feet and hands do the work that your thoughts and speak create


You cannot just speak or think into existence or nonexistence:

  • Right or Wrongs
  • Blessings or Curses
  • Good or Evil
  • Positivity or Negativity


It is NOT YOUR MIND OR YOUR MOUTH that makes some positive or negative omen or force to create whatever positive or negative thing you speak or think in your life.

You are your own omen and force that DECIDES TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT (or NOT DO SOMETHING ABOUT) what you speak and think into your life.

If you want to lose weight, you have to make it up in your mind BUT you have to move your body and/or make it up in your mind THEN actively change your diet.

You’re not going to THINK yourself thin. 

If you are going to have a positive day, you are going to do what’s necessary to ensure that you have that positive day and do what necessary to get all else out of the way. 

As well, there are no THOUGHTS that create blessings or curses in your life.

It is what you DO and what you DO NOT do that brings omens of blessings or curses to your life.

It is what you DO or DO NOT do that is responsible for any success, challenge, or failure in your life.

THOUGHTS did not create blessings or curses in any blessed, cursed, negative, positive, innovative, or successful person’s life in the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th century so why has that belief changed-now in the 20th and 21st century?

Madame CJ Walker knew nothing about the laws of attraction or a secret.

Her secret of success what merely doing that she did: Put her hands on it after she put her mind to it. 

True law of attraction is action witnessed by example.

We are creatures of mimicry.

Mimicry is the magnet by which we are attracted to that which we feel is blessed or a success. And by inspiration, we mimic and follow. 

That’s “natural,” we’re “natural.”

As a much as we’d probably like to think so, we are not supernatural, we’re no ways close to perfection, and contrary to popular belief, we have not reached spiritual nirvana either. 

Being a spiritual person (naturally)…my principles and personal theories about “people things” are too: “natural” (natural meaning: matching nature. You know, nature-natural: Of the human spirit, of the human being: BEING, and that which matches the human condition and experience). I am okay with any spiritual philosophy someone tries to share with me, as long as I can find a natural source (of the true human condition or experience) to match it. 

Like for example:

Some spiritual philosophy suggests that happiness is our natural state of being.

Well, I do not subscribe to that philosophy because we are brought into this world (in our “natural” state): startled, surprised, disrupted, kicking, crying, and screaming.

I do however, believe that we have a task-something to consciously work on that ultimately will be our virtue or our vice in life: To create, find, and own our happiness. And whether it be by external sources or from within, the virtue or vice can be found within it all depending on how we take action/necessary steps to do itYou cannot breathe the virtue or vice in or out. You can’t chime it, will it, or think it into or out of existence. You have to find, discover, pursue, and do it. That is realistic and tangible. All that other stuff not only numbs and pulls you away from your natural and true self, but it also pulls you further away from the old-fashioned promise and practice to Most High: Prayer. Period.

And even if you do not believe in God/prayer, still, all that stuff takes you away from that good old-fashioned way people have been making things happen since Einstein and countless inventors, successful people, movers and shakers have made things happen: by pursuing, moving, and actively doing.

Breathing, secrets, and magnetic laws and all that stuff had nothing to do with countless things you sit on, put in your hair, eat, eat on, sleep on, touch, drive, walk on and poop on.

Why, in this new Millennium, is the way to success and happiness so different now?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that question?

Think about that…

The moment you begin to think (tangibly and realistically) you will then ask necessary questions.

From there, you will be accused of being an “over-thinker.”

When you fall into believing that about yourself, you become easy prey.


Don’t become easy prey to people that tell you that you are resisting the “flow” of things. That is merely a way of asking you not to “think.”

There is nothing to stop you from going with the flow of anything should you take the time out to “think.”

Thinking is the one thing that will enable you to discern whether or not the “flow” of something is right or wrong (or right or wrong…for you).




As a literal business, some people prey on other peoples:

  • Impatience on the arrival of Jesus
  • Their need for something to believe in
  • Their need for something to stand for
  • Their need for something to belong to

…If you can get enough people to think what you think by connecting it to the right words like:

  • Positivity!
  • Prosperity!
  • Money!
  • Happiness!
  • Fame!
  • Success!

…And promise them that by subscribing to your [new religion], that easy prey of people will come running in droves. It then becomes a movement. Even if you have to:

  • Play “God”
  • Do it under the guise of “godly” principles
  • “Play genuine” under the guise of care, concern and love for your fellow man   

The funny thing about the book “48 Laws of Power” is an altogether funny, big, serious, and powerful thing…

(*Pounds my right hand into my fist repeatedly*)

That book right there… That book right there… That book right there… That book right there… That book right there… That book right there… That book right there… That book right there

(*Last fist-pound pound heaviest*)

(*Deep sigh*)

Especially by way of its list of 48 laws, but particularly Law 27: “Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cult-like Following.” In that particular law, the author explains how people have an insatiable desire to believe in something and that by offering people a cause or new faith to follow-it can bring you “power untold.” He goes on to mention that the best method of doing this is by way of keeping your words “vague” but full of promise, and by placing the most emphasis on [“enthusiasm!”]. When you do this (while steering clear of rationality and clear thinking) if you give your “disciples” little rituals to perform [less organized religion and grand causes] your newly invented “belief system” will become the focal point of their desire to believe in something, and by creating this cult-like following, your recipe for power [and wealth] is through the roof.    

In my whole and full-hearted opinion, that law of power is a major catalyst of all these spawns and branches of all these:

  • “Social forum personalities” (…antithesis of personality-at logoff/away from crowd)
  • New “religions” (…under the guise of “spirituality”)
  • “Personalities” on social forums (…that by occupation, have to sell a “safe”/ “attractive” image versus being their true selves)
  • Social forum personalities bringing forth all these new religions and “spiritual principles” (…shall remain nameless)
  • Phenomenon of books and beliefs (…by human beings pushing forth the belief that we have all finally arrived at this spiritual nirvana and perfection that since the beginning of time, we have all been in search of and by way of this, we have finally uncovered the mystery of “God,” and now…we can take it from here because: WE ARE GOD (in short: there is no “God” outside of, and above you and me).

The thing that amazes me most is the amount of people who subscribe to this new phenomenon of new religions, speakers, and books telling us that we have finally arrived at nirvana (spiritual perfection) yet, say they:

·    Believe in “God” (the God above man, Most High/Creator/creator of all things) and especially

·    People who subscribe to “receiving Jesus Christ” as Lord and personal savior/Jesus is Lord  

You can’t do both (believe in God/Jesus Christ and subscribe to this kind of new thought). Because this new thought’s bottom line is that there is no “God”-we are [what we thought all this time] was: “God.”

The most unfortunate part about all of this is that while people are going with the “flow” (rather than clear thinking); all this enthusiasm is jading so many people into buying into something they have not even taken the time to be clear about regarding these new religions’ bottom line [again: suggesting that all this time and all these years we thought there was a “God” (above you and me), the “reality” is…we (you and me) are “God.”]

We are far too inconsistent, and subjective to be anything remotely close to being “God.” 

We can’t even put our personal feelings aside to objectively make a decision about a thing or our fellow man! If we are in a position to do so, we’ll ruin someone’s life and livelihood based off how we feel about them alone (and they don’t have to do anything directly TO us!) Are you serious? Is that what “God” does?

On our best days and in our best moments, we can be “God-like,” and Godly,” but we are creatures of inconsistent habit who are all capable of murder, (some) rape, war, and hate. There is nothing about those things that is of “God.”

Even if you do not believe in “God,” you (being the human being that you are) still-are nothing remotely close to [the perception/idea of] what “God” is [supposed to be]. 

Not knocking the hustle, but people have built their livelihoods, started careers, and lucrative occupations stemming from that ONE “law of power”-knowing full well that it’s literally “open-ended” without a care in the world about how the lambs who are flocking to this are going to “end up.”

The “open-ended” part of it all is just like the man who authored that 27th law of power said-that by “emphasizing enthusiasm over rationality and clear thinking” and by giving your “new disciples” rituals to perform (less organized religion), they will be so busy being jaded by exciting rhetoric and enthusiasm that if they do believe in Jesus Christ and God, they won’t even understand [your new religions’] bottom being to forget about God as you’ve known and always believed-because we all are the “God” that we thought was in the heavens and who created the earth. In short: Man, made [up] God. “God” didn’t make man.

The “open-ended” part about is that they are not going to tell you that (because that rational and clear thinking will replace would fold their plan-you just have to figure it all out (beyond the enthusiasm and rituals you are enjoying and performing). And well, if you [like I am] are not a “give me the bottom line” kind of thinker, then you will never figure it out. 

Believe you-me, I too, once bought into all that glitter, but I'm so not fooled by constant enthusiasm, especially where there’s personal incentive involved (monetarily or otherwise). That skeptic in me was probably the only reason I got down to the truth.

I will put a third eye on you with the pronounced dimples at the corners of my mouth expressing disbelief if I see a person so much as overuse exclamation points in scribe.

I have a knack for recognizing natural enthusiasm and as well: over-enthusiasm. And when I see over-enthusiasm, I know that there’s incentive involved (like-being sold something), the person is either trying to hide behind something, or most definitely feels the need to put forth a type of enthusiasm that (at that moment in time) they are truly sitting behind pixels or a pen-not even feeling, or simply-out of habit. 

For self-motivation, and even to motivate others; enthusiasm is very important. But there is a threshold of its (true) consistency. So in its use, whether you are starting a new religion, whether you are truly enthusiastic (at the moment), faking enthusiasm (in person, or by way of overusing exclamation points), or being over-“exclamative” (like the Tony Little guy from those midnight infomercials-trying to sell me something) everyone subconsciously knows that enthusiasm can be used as a thwarting method to lure and as well; shield what really is, or really not going on, or trying to sell someone on.    

That being said, no, these brands of new thought/religion were not going to have Angela Sherice jaded for too long. No sir-re-Bob.

If you give me too much enthusiasm, or insist that I go with the “flow” and make it obvious that you do not want to allow me the time to think-or try and make me believe that I am near supernatural (because you told me or sold me so)-it’s a wrap.

It’s a sad-sad illusion of disillusion.

All this time, you thought doctrine and philosophy of the “secret” was [a real secret to Positivity! Prosperity! Money! Success! Fame!]…No my dear, the “secret” is the “48 Laws of Power” by which (I am more than positive) the doctrine and philosophy put forth as the “secret,” was designed by way of the 27th Law of Power as a blueprint. 

Like I explain at the beginning/segue of Gem #19, people know that illusion is a big-money business, and with enough monetary reward and success, people can and will make themselves believe in something, even if they don’t-they will teach themselves to. They will study it, and rehearse it to sell it, because it makes money: MILLIONS, and is a phenomenon that people will quick buy into, so it’s worth the financial payoff (for them). It’s happening right beneath your nose-right now.

The only pawns in the game are people who are desperately blinded by those attractive and magnetic words like: positivity, prosperity, money, happiness, fame, and success-and without question, will subscribe to these [new religions/social forum styles] and come running in droves. The phenomenon then becomes a movement, simply called: Cha Ching! 

If you haven’t heard of the “48 Laws of Power” or (at bare minimum) taken the time to read the list of the 48 Laws, I have to break it to you, but you need a new circle and set of friends-you are hanging in the wrong circles and associating yourself with all the wrong people. That book is the new bible (for the savvy), and the same information is out here and available for everybody to read, yet there are far too many pawns and few Kings [thinkers]…So with that being said, still-there’s no guarantee that you can read it and still not be a pawn…I’m just sayin,’ (especially if you are one of the four types of people listed in the above listed bullet-points). 

You can only be made to believe in something that seems unquestionably right, if you have nothing that you-yourself, believe in. It’s like slipping you a spiritual and mental placebo: by telling and convincing you that something is and because the masses too, say that it is. It is very easy to indoctrinate you too, if you have not a set of principles of your very own-matching your very own lifestyle that you personally subscribe to, if you do not like to evaluate and think (and have accepted the scorn of being told that it’s not good to “over-think” or that you should just go with the “flow”). Listen carefully to a key point in that 27th Law of Power: “Keep your words vague but full of promise; emphasize enthusiasm over rationality and clear thinking. 

…All of this that I am explaining and dissecting is “rationality” and “clear thinking.”

…All that you thought and believed before my breaking it down this way is indeed “vague” rhetoric that is “full of promise” and rah-rah “enthusiasm”…(and sounded deep and like music to the ear of):

  • People who are impatiently tired of waiting on the arrival of Jesus
  • People who are in dire need something to believe in
  • People who are in dire need of something to stand for
  • People who are needing something to belong to

…And people who are so blinded by the fact that there is work to be done (outside of speaking and thinking) in order to secure:

  • Positivity
  • Prosperity
  • Money
  • Happiness
  • Fame
  • Success

…Talk about being first in line to receive the mark of the beast (if you subscribe to that as being on its way)…you had better keep your head (and use it), and quit allowing other people to take your head, and use it…Evil recruitment (under the guise of genuineness) has to start “pure” to get you. Evil is typically non-obvious. If you are quick to flock to anything, you are quick to get “got” too: any way necessary.

Life is a game chess, not checkers.

And chess is a thinking man’s game.

As a single woman, be aware of “King thinking.”

If you can be aware of a “phenomenon” of King/Chess-like thinking, you can definitely be on top of your game out here in the world, and especially in a world of men. 

As well, in the land of relationship, if you are out here thinking you can attract, find, and deal with a (real) King, you MUST steer clear of being steered like a lamb, or you will definitely be a Joker or one of the other numbers, my Diamond. Don’t underestimate your susceptibility of being mislead by worldly dogma being any different than your susceptibility of being had by a “dog” (of a man). 



Gullible is a dangerous game and a kind of BDSM relationship.

In BDSM the dominant seems to be dominating but the submissive is really “winning”…

“Glitter” is the dominant, gullible is the submissive.

It’s a funny thing about gullible versus intelligent people: they keep a solid, unyielding, unwavering expectation of you that you can never consistently live up to forever. Because they haven’t the capacity to see beyond “glitter”, they can’t ask questions beyond “glitter,” or think beyond “glitter,”…so they can only “expect” and “demand” (like a baby will kick, cry, and scream aloud-incessantly-for hours upon hours until it is satisfied-by being fed, or held; until then-it will not stop). That’s kind of like a submissive (in comparison to a dominant), although the dominant may seem like it is in control, the submissive’s [passive] needs and expectations never go away and the dominant will always find themselves trying to live up to their needs [for what seems like-maintaining their dominance], for their attention, their “love” [and what seems like] their “loyalty,” and when it all falls down, you (the dominant) fall down. 

Gullible people are easily sold and easily mind-controlled, so their loyalty never rests-anywhere, not even with you.

Gullible people win because they haven’t the capacity to know and exercise solid, true, unyielding, unwavering loyalty-just solid, unyielding, unwavering expectations (like the kicking, crying and screaming baby), so when that new/better brand of milk hits the market-you fall short in their eyes. They flit, flutter and attach themselves to all “glittery” things. 

With them, you find that you are constantly holding their hand, and handling them with kid-gloves. They can even be the same age as you-but before you know it, you will find yourself calling them pet-names (as if they are kids). You can’t learn from them, they haven’t the capacity to learn from you, and you are constantly explaining to them, pacifying them, and “feeding” them, then that gullible-glitter “relationship” begins. You have to deal with that-even when you don’t feel like it. Because when a baby kicks, creams and cries, it won’t stop until it is held or fed. It doesn’t care that you are sleepy.


Zombies” (just like gullible people-too) are dangerous. They are even more dangerous than the gullible because they know [of] you in that they had a history of some kind with you. So (thanks to the Internet) whether it was because of the web you weaved or the one they spun that you somehow fell into…all they see is “glitter” (rather than seeing/being eye-level with you)…that…is what makes them dangerous (because typically-they will put themselves there-without your help whatsoever). It will catch you totally off-guard and by surprise (I might add). 

What Zombies see as “glitter” is just you exposing your talent(s) to the world-on the World Wide Web, and with that; automatically comes the image of “you.” When people who you are open to let know and meet you, and particularly the people who already know of you-take it upon themselves to “see stars/stardom/glitter” in that (rather than just the person that they knew or want to know) you end up having to steer clear of them, because once they see glitter before clarity-there’s no turning back. 

When an ex, a friend, people you’re doing personal business with, an old friend or acquaintance, a relative, a co-worker, or anyone who knew/had history with you or the kind of access to you that the other side of glitter and world does not, takes on that “weirdness” (where you find yourself talking to them while nodding your head up and down, with your four fingers wielding back and forth from your chest like: “Earth to So-in-So. Hey You-What’s up?”)…that’s your warning to keep it moving. That’s your sign that the “Glitter Effect” has set in and is in full-effect. 

When that “weirdness” becomes apparent, they don’t know how to act around you, some nibble their fingers, some of ‘em’s eyes buck around like crazy.

Some will keep forcing your hand and playing on your emotions trying to constantly play victim and treat you like you think you’re better than them if you so much as ask them “what are you doing today?” 

Friendships with some people for whom you’ve known for 10+ years take things to levels unimaginable. To add insult to injury, they’ll even design for you-an additional persona and rendition of yourself: Reminding you how bad a person you are for not curtsying at every turn: “thank you,” “please,” and such that (until the “glitter”) the both of you never even did (and if so-were never conscious of, or forced the other to be). So much as hand you a pencil and it’s “who do you think you are? You could’ve said thank you. And you snatched it from me!

(What the HELL?)

No such thing as a normal conversation anymore-it’s an all out performance now. Some get unnecessarily combative and turn (what never even was a competitive relationship) into a constant “competition” with you. You can’t even get through a normal, relaxed conversation even about something simple (like birds chirping) without them feeling like they are competing with you to commandeer the conclusion: The name of the song it was singing.

When that glitter gets 'em, they obsessively “examine” you and undress you in their mind’s eye in odd ways-go talk behind your back and tell people that you were rocking something from two years ago that [“if you’re all that now” how come you didn’t rock the latest.]

(Petty stuff like that).

Standing at the end of the grocery store isle while you’re shopping and you look at this strange person standing there-staring a hole into you and by the time you squint and find it’s someone you know, you’re like: “Hey So-in-So, why didn’t you just speak!?”

(Kooky shit like that).


It’s a haywire experience that’s not even worth the trouble and the headache they will put you through. You just can’t let them into your space anymore because you can never trust anyone who would take it upon themselves to feel secretly inferior to you. What type of person would commit that kind of spiritual suicide-over irrational thoughts and feelings about another person? 

When “fear” takes over it becomes a combination and mixture of a whole bunch of things:

  • Them-not having known you well enough to be aware of your talent/skills/qualities etc., (and/or turning envious-as a result)
  • Them-only knowing surface/superficial things about you (as most probably was the relationship)
  • Them-being envious of “the glitter” (thinking you are on your way to superstardom or a “better” life of some kind)
  • Them-feeling angry with you because they know they had a history with you so they secretly feel like you should [now] take the initiative to take whatever was-from where you last left off. Thanks to Facebook “Search and Find-a-Friend”, where if you “confirm” them, they’ll allow you so much time to initiate the rekindling process and if you do not-their whole Facebook existence is motivated by stalking, stabbing, and taking shots at you every single time you get online. It’ll have you sitting there-puzzled-talking at them through pixels: “Besides taking you in when no one else would and allowing you to sleep rent free and shit on the same toilet as me, what did I do to you to deserve this?”

Or you’re like:


…with your trigger finger being held back with the grace of God keeping you from shooting back with some shit that you know would damage ‘em for life. You sit there and pray that the grace of God would shield you from pettiness by dipping into your precious and valuable time to make it your business to bump into them offline (after all this time after all).  

It’s amazing. It’s sad. It’s eerily unforgivable.

You just have to bow out gracefully and leave them alone…and thank God for a little bit of “normalcy” from the few who were sane enough not to fall victim to that “Glitter Effect.” It’s the most hurtful, disheartening, and unfortunate way to be forced to sever what was, what could have been, or what could have been [again].

When the “Glitter Effect” gets in them, it’s irreversible. Leaving them alone is the best thing you can do for yourself (and them), because there is nothing you can do about that spirit’s energy-they chose to take it on. Something like that has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them. They chose to connect to that energy as a result of the “glitter” and once they take it upon themselves to see that, you just have to continue to let them see glitter rather than just: "Plain Ole’ You" ever again because it never goes back to normal-the world won’t let ‘em-even if they wanted too. Because keep in mind that mediocrity and rich+famous for nothing is at an all-time high…You can’t get rich for nothing, but you sure as hell can get famous then rich for nothing. So it does not take much to shine nowadays and put glitter in the eyes of the weak and meek. 

Mediocrity is winning and it’s only going to get worse. Gone, are the days when in order to be revered, rich, famous, or respected-it was earned by way of some talent, skill, ability or sensibility. So with that being so, it doesn’t take much (for people who are easily bedazzled) to think there is gold behind the glitter-and be blinded by the “shine” especially…(and I do mean especially)…if they feel “dull.” That right there…has nothing to do with you therefore you cannot cure another person of something like that.      

In life (public or private), I run as fast as I can from personal life zombies and gullible people-alike. It does not flatter me or do anything for my ego-either way.

Sometimes I don’t want to talk. Sometimes, I just want to listen. If we are private acquaintances, if I’m the one doing all the talking, what happens when I need you to listen? And if we are public acquaintances, after the fun and frivolity-how can you feed me (for times when I just want to listen to you?)

I do not like people interested in me, following me, friending me, befriending me, hanging around me, admiring me, peeping @me, or “fanning” me-who cannot think for themselves from behind glitter, or relying on me to bring them illusion to secure their (momentary) loyalty to me, (which brings me to another interesting law of power, #32 titled: “Play to People’s Fantasies”). 

In this law of power, the author explains that there is immense power in “tapping into the fantasies of the masses” by never using truth and reality as your premise, because (in truth…) the fact is…“the truth” is often avoided and unpleasant.

He goes on to explain that because life is so harsh and distressing, people are often angered by truth and that unless you are prepared for the anger and disenchantment that comes with telling the truth, you should avoid telling the truth. He explains that if you can create fantasy for people rather than reality-it is easier for them to flock to you [and I quote]: “like an oasis in the desert.”

In short: Create thirst…not for knowledge and truth, but fantasy and falsities.  

Let me be the first to apologize if any reader of mine sees themselves in that law of power and me as having ruined any fantasies or spoiled any illusions that per as aforementioned, you may have grown accustomed to being comforted by in many a non-fiction books about life, love, relationship, and spirituality. Feel free to hang out and turn the pages of any of my fiction novels and I’ll give you all the real “fantasy” you need.

In my non-fiction books (such as this one you are reading right now) I am terribly sorry to say-but the “oasis in the desert” is where I draw a line in the sand if anyone expects for me to conjure up fantasy in any non-fiction book bearing my name. I feel that if my audience cannot respect that, then I am not the writer for you-will just have to get off my mountain. I refuse to have to literally “fight” to be a real person, or “fight” to write from a realistic place and (because it is so lucrative) be forced to play into any buffoon phenomenon in order for me, or my work to be embraced [simply because we are all “rockstars” upon log-on nowadays].



As a real person, with real feelings, real intent, and real integrity as a person and as a writer, I am not playing into, and am not going to gather a crowd by playing on people’s need to believe and create a cult-like following for them. I ‘aint about that life-I stand in front of my work, not behind my glitter. I ‘aint scared, I can rock with the best of ‘em-I can deliver. I don’t want or need gullible people and zombies catering to me. I do not handle anyone but kids with kid-gloves, and I expect that grown people want to be respected as and treated like: Grown People-not subservient, or beneath me.

I respect intelligent people too much and I’ve never relied on preying on weaker minded individuals to seem (or get) bigger.


Nothing good, right, significant, or solid can become of an illusion.

Illusion is trend-trends are always outgrown. They have an expiration date redeemable up to and until the next phenomenon and illusion steps up to bat. You can only breakdown, lose yourself, self-destruct, and fight to stay “relevant” once an illusion is removed and life begins anew:

  • A New Place
  • A New Time
  • A New What’s Happening

Upon insisting on being true-you, you do you win. Considering the fact [that as a result of technological changes and phenomena] day by day, illusion, glitter, and confusion is “in,” and-if you refuse to play-you may not “win” until the end (depending on what you personally consider what “winning” is). Anytime you own your: self, your own thoughts, your own impulses, your own actions, and your own responses; you are in auto-win mode (before, during, and especially in the end). The truth and bright side to that, is-time will retire and expire any particular moment in time. Time does not freeze, so there will indeed be an “end,” the question is…where will “you” be? What are “you” gonna do? And can you handle it? Can you even handle the now moments-the fight to stay significant, the battle to stay “in?” As you remain yourself, there are no antics, premeditation, or fighting to stay “in.” When you have “you” you’re always “in.” Time may expire moments in time, things, and phenomena but time will not retire “you” (until the day you die). But, at a moment in time and phenomenon’s expiration, “You” still have to decide how “you” will live if you did not live “You” at any particular moment in time. It is a rebirth-definitely, and one that not everyone can handle. Many a times, history, and tragedies have proven that to be a sure fact.



My thinking stems from the fact that while I do what I do, I insist on being respected as a writer-a real writer…‘cause I’m blessed good at it. That is my “rockstar” -no illusion-and what I know full well I was bred and built for.

I do not write or approach my writing with the thought (or expectation) in mind of my work having the merit, appeal, talent, and skill of being “hustling books out of the trunk of my car” worthy [only].

I know that my gift connected to me to what it is I do and how I do it, and since the start writing finding me, I approach what I do Pulitzer Prize-worthy [too].

My dreams, my aspirations, and mostly-my talent, is bigger than the respect that [if a writer is not careful] the Internet, and feeling pressured to succumbing to literal buffoonery can water it down to being.

Nowadays, talent and skill are not even essential for “the Glitter Effect” to be what it is. So for people who are serious about being taken serious for their work, they have to be conscious of exactly what their “glitter” is. You can be talented as hell, with work across the world and the World Wide Web to prove it but be more recognized for being cute on Twitter than what the value for your work is (because it’s quicker, more common, requires less thought, research and examination).

What sense does it make to have the “glitter” if you are working a regular job and doing regular things and [like a person being adequately compensated for “glitter”] you don’t have the luxury of (at whim) getting up-up and away from the annoyance of it all (when it does get annoying?)

Don’t give me glitter, don’t give me fame, don’t give me an excessive amount of attention that compensation for my talent has yet to catch up to. 

You want to impress me? Dialogue with me by telling me something about some of my blogs or books you’ve read, patents and other projects I’m working on-explore my website to know all my dimensions and layers as we dialogue about fun and other frivolous things.I’m not pimping myself or dumbing myself down-and for free-just because I’m in “need of attention.”

Glitter and fame for the sake of attention and glitter is the epitome of foolishness (to me). I’m not having that. I did not work this hard to allow a phenomenon trap me into that kind of buffoonery because I’m cute and funny-therefore I can.

Regardless of how you feel about me, with regard to my work-you have no choice but to be either or all:


  • Inspired
  • Enlightened
  • Empowered
  • Ennobled
  • Informed
  • Entertained

…Because that’s just a part of who I am as a personal/intimate person, so obviously [as personal and intimate as writing is] the same goes for scribe.  

Regardless of how you feel about me, my words:

  • Vibrate
  • Have rhythm
  • Have pulse
  • Have feeling
  • Provoke thought or contemplation

Loved or hated, either way, my message permeates and resonates can only either be:

  • Reckoned with


  • Respected

...and that's what matters to me.

I have no iota of fear, nor am I ever above reproach and criticism (even the writing greats aren’t).

But I did not step into this game to:

  • Play games
  • Pimp my image [ahead of my artistry for lack or shortcoming of]
  • Play into literary buffoonery


I’m well past “up and coming,” and far from having sprouted out since the invention of Internet social media. I say that because the same principles I have about what I do, and why I do, are the same principles as when I first began (before this “Internet/we’re all rockstars now” phenomenon began).


Before all of that began, writers were just “writers” who had the luxury of the cliché’ and thought behind what “being a writer” was: “anonymity.”

Nowadays, many writers (the greats, the seasoned, the up and coming, and the aspiring-alike) are taking advantage of this phenomenon the world has embraced where, we are all rockstars in this dope show (even for nothing). 

My opinion is-if a writer (a real writer) takes their craft as serious as any (real writer) should, then it is their best interest not to allow a circus of a phenomenon pull them into:

·                     Literary buffoonery

·                     Having people treat them and force them into that “we’re all rockstars” box (that everybody’s stuffed in and voluntarily putting themselves in-today).   

I’m not “above” or better than the respect that any other writer deserves (should they/their work command it). But if I was up and coming, aspiring, average, mediocre, and played into literary buffoonery, indeed-I would actively bob around the Internet all day everyday thinking of ways to be charming, cute, funny, profound, and provocative-365 days a year-all hours the day, scribing about my every breath and step about 95% of all things having nothing to do with my work. 

But I’m sorry- Internet fame is NOT my game or claim.

I am a writer, entertaining-but not an entertainer.

My main interest on the Internet is to connect and share with people who support my work- to give a little pulse behind the words that I write (and that they’ve paid for). Most times, I enjoy being online-so I don’t resist it. I’m not “scheduled.” When I feel it to interact or say something, or say what’s on my mind-I do. But if being there seems charming, cute, funny, profound, and provocative-I assure you, it’s natural and not intentional-just me being there and giving “life” behind my words, thoughts, and feelings (what writers do when they write).

My “secret” and principles throughout this chapter with regard to love, relationship (and especially where writing is concerned) are firm and non-negotiable (all else outside of that-I’ll work around and with). 

I am not an image or a product, I am simply: a writer. My books and the words inside of it are my“product.”                                                          

Before all this hoopla, writers (real writers) wrote from, and with integrity before everyone began writing to be “superstars” and writing to be “superstar gurus.” I don’t even want to be “audienced” by that kind of thinking, yearning or expectation.

I didn’t work this hard and this long, nor am I interested in harnessing a career in which I must rely on the stupidity and inability of people to think, feel and use their own minds.

I think that is SO disrespectful to people-and I simply loathe the thought of it.

When I write, I write with respect of taking full advantage of the fact that I am not writing to a mental zombie. I give credit to any reader/audience of mine for having the same qualities as me. I have faith in the fact that there are still a few people in the world who are in control of their own minds and can respect provocative doctrine or stories that challenge them to think and feel versus playing on unrealistic fantasies that only leave them unfilled and left “open-ended” (when all is literally said and done).

I write from a place of integrity and only want readers who can handle that. I’m not into offering nervous breakdowns later, just so I can fill my bank account today. 

When I write, post, or speak, I do so-naturally-and assume that I am writing, posting and speaking with intelligent people-not people and pawns comforted by being disillusioned. I do not write to prey on, and count on people’s lack intelligence in order for my career to thrive.

My work “thrives” and has heartbeat.

I’m not going to allow a phenomenon force me into selling something writers NEVER had to do before the Internet phenomenon began: their image.

I’m all for a change in time but selling an image will not change ONE FACT about a REAL writer: A writer’s WORK speaks for itself, and REAL WRITERS are NOT “superstars.”

I am a provocative, creative, master wordsmith who knows how to give you reality, fun, and fantasy-while still remaining truthful (even in my fiction books). Disillusionment is not my game. Because eventually, like the sun, the moon, and the truth; illusion cannot be long-hidden. The “secrets” between us, tend to tell us on one another.

Read on, I’ll show you how…



They didn’t do anything to you at all, but ever had that one person that you heard about, saw, or listened to enough about them that made you draw a conclusion that you immediately hated them (without ever having officially met them)?

They didn’t do anything for you at all, but ever had that one person that you heard about, saw, or listened to enough about them that made you draw a conclusion that you immediately just loved them to pieces (without ever having officially met them)? 

If you gritted and sucked your teeth, yelled things into your atmosphere at a distance or to whomever, that was your first “impression” of that person. And if you acted on that impression, then you most probably antagonized them, stabbed at them, cut, sliced, and diced at them as much as you could (from your distance), right?

That there-was your spiritual handshake slash “first meeting” that person. 

But if you smiled, giggled, laughed, and yelled kind and endearing words into your atmosphere at a distance or to whomever, then that was your first “impression” of the person. And if you acted on that impression, then you most probably felt, thought, and said nothing but kind things (from your distance), right?

That there-was your spiritual handshake slash “first meeting” that person. 

Those “first meetings” mean something.

The reason why they mean something, is that an impression about one person that made you dislike them from your distance, could very well had been the polar opposite for another person (from their distance in spiritual communication): that “aura.”

In “aura,” “meeting” a person comes before actually “meeting.” I believe that’s why “God” made us up of such instinctual and intuitive soul soil. 

That aura of enmity or cordiality, or harmony or discord: the thoughts and feelings that you feel at first “meeting” someone [even by not having looked them in the eye, shook hands or having had a conversation with them]…by my spiritual principle-it rules and counts as: “how we first met” (if the two souls “met” and that positive or negative spiritual “meeting” occurred). 

Without having cleared the “air,” I do not believe that you can not like someone, and pick, poke, prod, and antagonize them before officially meeting them, but then decide that after actually meeting and knowing them-you now like them and all is well.


Couple of examples: 

Ever did, or said something about someone (that you know was not right or good, behind their back) and you had the hardest time looking that person in the face the first time you saw them again-since you did or said it? Can you recall that “weird energy” that you [alone] felt? So much so that it took a little time to act natural in their presence.

Cryptic, subliminal, negative thoughts or things done and said have a LIFE my dear-a life all their own. Instinctual and intuitive “life” cannot be ignored-it won’t let us. When negative subliminal things happen and our physical presence materialize, if those negative aural/subliminal things are not brought to the forefront, explored and discussed, it’s like some “god” in us that will not allow fruitful and positive things to continue on until someone is bold enough to tell, talk about or bring forth-the truth. You cannot ignore or push aside negative, cryptic and subliminal things and expect right and good things to stand sturdy atop of it.    

Another example. 

Ever had that friend, sibling/relative, associate, or someone where “something” happened between the two of you (whether it was a silent attitude or annoyance with one another for the day, or something cryptic and major really did happen) and the two of you quit speaking (for however long).

By some circumstance or because of time having passed, the two of you eventually just slowly (or quickly) began speaking again as if nothing ever happened that drew a wedge between you two that caused you to go your separate ways (for however long).

Now although the two of you are speaking again, there’s a “weirdness” between the both of us and neither of you takes to initiative to talk about that “something” that happened yet, the both of you could very well articulate and complain about it to someone else when it happened, but to one another-because you met up again and have now come together, you both act like “nothing” happened.  

One of two things happened after this:

  • The “weird energy” remained (for however long)
  • It all came out in a big blow up and fight (what you should have talked over when you first came together again)

I do not think that there’s one person in this world that can’t identify with those two examples. 

It’s the same difference that I was explaining about in the beginning of this subchapter about how we “meet” before we meet.

Whether or not it’s that “distant/negative/spiritual handshake/first impression ‘meet’” or the scenarios I just explained; when that subliminal/unspoken/soul conversation meets and it’s negative, you cannot think that you can sweep it under the rug and start anew without (first) clearing the “air” with the person whom it concerned. 

Spirits are not dust particles therefore enmity doesn’t just dissolve or go away into thin air like osmosis. The dust remains if the air is not cleared.

Our rational, and logical sides can make things pick up and go on with (and for quite a while-I might add), and all can be well because of that ability within us. But there was already an instinctive and intuitive beginning, and whatever that is-it’s coming back (when that dust isn’t cleared)-don’t you for one iota of a second-think that it won’t… 

When you plant the right seeds, you grow a flower.

What’s sprinkled, fed, and shed onto it-to keep it blossoming comes from that beginning.

Was it cold and shade?

Was it light and sun?

Did you cut off the supply of oxygen/air?

What was it?

What was the elemental aura?

Whatever happened at the beginning (whether aura-first, or actually-in person first; that is what will forever be intertwined throughout that friendship or relationship, and will ultimately live tumultuously or beautifully, or die (violently and viciously) for that same (beginning reason). 

No matter how something ends, if [the actual or aura] began beautifully (even if it ends viciously) instinct and intuition dictates the logical fact that it stands a chance again and again and again. All that (begins) well doesn’t necessarily always end well.

But all that begins well; can and will do well: again and again (even if it doesn’t end well).

A virulent ending (of a positive, fruitful, solid beginning) is just the matter of two spirits being their rational or irrational, and logical or illogical selves. 

Spirit rules. I respect it. I’ve learned too many lessons and found that disobeying it will teach you a good swift one (especially if you try and ignore it and not clear the “air” by thinking you can build something positive, fruitful, and solid from something that began negative, scanty, shaky at the start).

Nothing swept under rugs ever stays there. Everybody knows this. 

Beginnings/starts/foundations [are] like flowers:

Trying to build a house on a weak foundation makes the whole house fall.

You cannot build a house on top of dirt without a solid foundation any more than you can try and grow a sunflower by dumping a bag of David Sunflower Seeds into soil and expect a pretty yellow sunflower to grow.

That’s just…*wiggles and shakes my face and both hands incessantly*

That’s just………….. “Weird.”   


“Weird” is just a whole bunch of “weird” things…sort of like how I mentioned a couple of sub-chapters back about “Zombies” under “The Glitter Effect” subchapter-that unspoken, unexplored “thing” takes on a life all its own.

Spirit simply will not allow us to conceal things that are “not right” no matter how good we think we are at hiding behind things. It makes us all…“weird” when we try to.  




With all of that being explained about spirituality and principle, you now know full well that I have them and what they are. The only way I could get you to consider yours or thinking about deciding upon your own (if you’ve never thought about it) is to make you “think” (by sharing mine as an example).

Your principles are very necessary as a part of your personality in life and love.

Mine are a package deal.

I do not place my spiritual beliefs (which are rational and clear-thinking) aside, no matter what I am up against (or with), in love and life. 

That being said, when I deal with people and especially men where relationship and compatibility are concerned (with regard to spirituality and principle), I look for realistic, rational, clear-thinking principles. (Religious-not so much), but rather, some kind of belief: religiously (religiously meaning: fervently, faithfully, and zealously), like-something that he believes and lives by, or on the foundation of his personality. However, NOT some topic of the deepest part of his conversation that he walks around wearing a badge and carrying a spear about-probing conversation to beat you upside the head with it.


My principles and spiritual principles are the literal foundation of me-not something I come ready to assert to sound “deep.” I hardly even talk about these things with people. They’re just in me.

There are males and females reading this, who probably didn’t know (in detail) these things about me-until reading this with you-my reader. 


A lot of men that I have dated and had relationships with that don’t stand a chance didn’t even know that it had (and has) more to do with their thought process that makes me not be interested in them versus the other things that their ego may be hurt about, or assumed were reasons why.


To me, a broke man with a good mind, in my eyes, is a rich man and a gold-mine-he just probably hasn’t done the right things, met the right people (and the right woman yet). The fact that a man uses (and is in control of his own mind) is a MAJOR deal for me. I make no exceptions about it-none, whatsoever. I would never respect a man (as my companion) whose beliefs, mind, thought process, and principles I don’t respect. If I do respect those things about him (as a companion) he can totally have his way with me. If I don’t respect those things about him (no matter his attributes, what he has, who he is, what he’s done or is on his way to-we can be “cool.” Period).

I’m a little bit more lenient  with females (but not too much a difference). 

Although we defend it, people (men or women) who you associate with (closely or otherwise) are somewhat, representations of you. And when claiming to “know you,” whether female or male, they do not present you like they should present you-like yearbook time-for example: “I knew her from so-in-time to such-in-such time.”

So people will judge you from the mouth of people who may not even “know” you-but only “knew” you. And those people won’t honestly say: “…oh but by the way, I haven’t talked to her/him in like 6months,1 or 2 or 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 years.”

You may not have been friends with someone in 6months, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 years and they will still “present” you to other people by saying they “know” you.

No dear, correction: you “knew” me, if you don’t know me (privately-today). 

My life and love is serious-business to me, whereas at one time (like anybody evolving), I didn’t consider it as such. Therefore, I won’t put “knowing” me into the hands of a male or a female, who if I too, have not been close with/known in 6months,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 years. I have no idea how you live your life and what your principles are, and if I have not talked to/or have been friends with you (male or female) in 6months,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 years…then…you only “knew” me. 

Especially today, people who only know you via Facebook and Twitter will even go so far and have the balls to claim they “know” you.

If you do not know someone (intimately and exclusively-the goings on in their personal life, to date, and are in not in conversation/exclusively/intimately with them) you do not “know” that person-even if you (at one time in life) did.

So (if I can help it) I won’t allow anyone (male or female) to present, or misrepresent me [to anyone] if they do not “know” me-because as well…I don’t “know” them (either). 

No one has my permission to do that. And that’s my word-in all seriousness. 

With regard to principles, boundaries, and standards-if you do not have any, and do not insist upon them, count on people assuming, supposing, imposing, and insisting they are at liberty to handle (or control you) in any way that they wish to. There is no one in this world worthy of doing such a thing-to me as long as I have breath in my body (unless of course, you know me-privately-today).

My principles regarding boundaries and standards are so severe because in companionship, relationship, and friendship, I’m not one of those people afraid to (generally) trust you. Because if I trust your mind-your thought process, and your principles, I would trust you even before your establishing loyalty to me-intimately.  

Principled people have integrity blessed near the equivalent of "Jesus dying on the cross." That how much I (generally) trust people who are principled and use their own head.

A principled person is very sensible behind your back-even (if just an acquaintence/associate). They won’t do anything for something. They typically won’t say something not right, not weighed, unexamined or unfair about people-just to gossip or have something to say. How they are typically means more to them, in a way like extreme loyalty to you-even if you have not earned their loyalty as yet.

Principled people are in conscious, constant practice of making objective sense of all that's not sensible once it's up under their nose or has reached their desk.


It sounds "simple" and usual, but there are NOT that many "principled" people in this world, when I come across them-I know-in five minutes. They are not brown-nosers, of kiss ups, conformists, and concerned with how they are looking in the eyes of other people. They are just generally concerned with what makes simple sense out of subjective senselessness.

When I'm with a principled friend, associate, or have a relationship (of any kind) with a principled person, I am in automatic "love-like."



CLEARLY (as you have read) for relationship, I would NOT be interested in a guy who too, is a slave to all this psuedo-spirituality and false nirvana that I just spoke about even if he were rich and had all the other physical qualities that I prefer. I equate it with his masculinity. I equate the strength of his mind with his ability to protect me when I need it, or represent and present me when I cannot. As principled and principled with regard to spiritually principles as I am, he certainly would have to be (for companionship).

A man who is not in control of his own mind is not a King to me, and I cannot treat a man like a King, who I haven’t the respect for like a King (inside or outside of the bedroom).     

Physical qualities and his bank account are on the back burner of where his mind has to be-in order to interest me: Angela Sherice. However, I am human and keep it real. If his physical qualities and all else up to and including his money is (first-something I want) and something that he would allow be the bond that ties us, then we can do that-we can friendship, we can relationship on the strength of that. But I would not lead anybody into thinking there could be more than that if I do not like their mind-set and thought process about everything up to and including God.   

Not everybody believes in “God,” but in order for anybody to be generally humble, or able to be humbled, they have to believe in the power of force of something bigger and greater than him self. Everybody has to have a passion, or be passionate about something that makes them want to wake up in the morning and make it so that they are tucked away safely into the night (to ensure that this is possible). 

Life is an order of “business” and such that, even if you do not believe in “God,” something in this life has to “put the fear of God” in you” (in order for you to