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Latest Update   7. 8. 12   





This track here, I love.

Originally sang by Diana Ross' silky voice.

For the record, Diana Ross was "The Boss" (her moniker) way before it became a popular saying today). *smiles**

This beat can't be denied about as much as I am undecided if it is best served as a rap with a hook or an R&B song.

I love it that the way they produced the song, it was enough singing room for the actual song's chorus to fit in. In this track, the verse's bars (as produced by DonP & 187) were the length of the original song's bridge (which you'll hear me sing it in-between the chorus).

Additionally, I'll be humming how this track would sound being served as a rap song with hook.




Both could work, but if it were turned into an R& B song, it would need to be re-done/re-produced with a lengthy bridge (to wipe away how "basic" it is. "Basic" meaning how it is a: chorus, then a verse, then a chorus, then a verse, then a chorus). That's too hum-drum (for an R&B song).


If left as a rap song the TRACK (as produced/demo'd) could be left-as-it is. 

But lyrics (re-written-obviously).

Melody unchanged.

Take a listen:

(And don't be crapping on me. Not a music producer or engineer! I'm a writer. Who just so happens to like arranging and writing songs-and I can hold a note or two or three or four so you can get the idea in the demo at completion) LoL.

In the exact the words of BaduLive: "I'm a' artist and I sensitive about my shit!"
















      <-ME SINGING OVER IT (melody "as-is" if R&B verse) and HUMMING (if rap/verse)