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THIS BOOK IS STRICTLY FOR THE SEASONED, MATURE, ADULT READER-contains language, sexual situations & subject matter absolutely not appropriate for underage readers or conservative tastes*


Angie Situation (INNOCENCE)  


The Reading Group Guide / Meet the Author Q & A  / and the entire first chapter of the Angie Situation sequel: (NAIVETE') is only in the back book matter of the paperback of "Angie Situation (*INNOCENCE).



1)      Although it happened some 20+ years prior, during a conversation with her mother, Angie revealed some of what had gone on in her life (with regard to her being molested) whereby, she (herself) was taken aback by her mother’s “fresh like it had just happened yesterday” kind of response. In the book, Angie stated that because she was participating, enjoying [and in one particular case]: even “seducing” one of her offenders; she never regarded her being violated as “molestation,” and always had a hard time seeing herself as a victim (although she was a child).     

      a. How did that reach you, or make you feel?

      b. What or how did that make you think about cases like that?

      c. Have you ever heard of such a reaction or misunderstanding/misinterpretation coming from a victim of molestation?

     d. Angie also stated that because she didn’t go on to having deviate fetishes and thoughts and desires surrounding pedophilia, porn addiction, drugs, prostitution, bed-wetting, acting out, other behavioral problems etc; she just didn’t think her being molested affected her in any way. In having read [book1/Innocence] of the trilogy; do you think that what happened to her manifested in any way and perhaps showed up in other ways? (Do not interject any thoughts or opinions about other excerpts or sneak peeks that you may have read off her website from book2/Naivete’).

2)      Do you think that Angie and her TGGF ever grow out of that situation they had going on?

       a. Do you think it was a “phase” or something that will probably continue or re-surface in book2/Naivete’ or book3/Sophistication?

       b. Do you think the TGGF will end up being a mere BFF as Angie gets older in book2/Naivete'  or book3/Sophistication?

3)      How do you feel about “Ms. You Know Who?” Do you think that she dropped the ball too soon or do you think that (as woman herself-who too I am more than sure, experienced that teenage love and rebellion phase); felt that it was too much to contend with?

      a. Do you think she could have handled it any more differently than she did? How would you have handled such as situation? (If you were “Ms. You Know Who”).

      b. Thus far, in having only read (and sticking strictly to this book1/Innocence), how would you guess that Angie’s life would have turned out had she followed through with Ms. You Know Who' “life plan” that she had mapped out for her-under her mentorship. (Think about and consider all situations that happened through to the end of this book1/Innocence).  

4)      How and what do you feel about Angie’s mother? (Everything: what type of person she was, what she did, what she didn’t do, what she should have done, what she could have done differently) etc.

5)      How and what do you feel about Angie’s father? (Everything: what type of person he was, what he did, what he didn’t do, what he should have done, what he could have done differently) etc.

6)      What do you feel about life in general, as compared to what Angie’s situation and feelings were (with regard to the artsy-school she attended)?

7)      What do you feel about Santana? Do you think they will break up and get back together and end up together throughout the 3-books/trilogy and live that “happily ever after” in spite of all that had gone on thus far? (Do not interject any thoughts or opinions about other excerpts or sneak peeks that you may have read off her website from book2/Naivete’).                                                  What do you think will become of them (together)? 

8)      What is your interpretation of what was going on at the very end of the book-at “Day 7” through “Day 8” (the last 4 pages of the story)?

*BONUS QUESTION* So, she (Angie) mentioned that thanks to Madonna’s song “Papa Don’t Preach” ringing in her head and playing on her heart; she could not term the pregnancy. Although we do not know what is going to become of that child throughout the trilogy, hypothetically speaking, if so-with Madonna having adopted all these kids, she’s got another one out here she doesn’t even know about huh?  

*In order to understand the joke, you would have to know that Madonna's adopted a few kids.  :) 



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