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*THIS BOOK IS STRICTLY FOR THE SEASONED, MATURE, ADULT READER-contains language, sexual situations & subject matter absolutely not appropriate for underage readers or conservative tastes*

"Angie Situation" (INNOCENCE) ) excerpt 3

-Graphic Novels
-Fiction Biographical 

"...the first knock. 

“Oh don’t try to act like you don’t hear that knock at the door-whore! Get up and answer it!” she said, halfway serious and halfway jokingly.

I laughed loudly and opened the door to Santana standing there looking like the fourth member of Run DMC with an Adidas pork chop suit on-on his way in to enter the lioness’ den.

“Hey Red,” he smiled, with his eyes sparkling like diamonds.

“Hey Santana,” I replied, with a smile.

“Ma, Santana’s here…”

I looked into the slightly opened double-doors to her bedroom.

“I love your daughter and she belongs to me!” whispered Santana, playing around over my head as if he was being held back and yelling out in a war.

“Down boy!”I laughed and pointed.

The two of us sat on the couch at a distance between us as if we were two virgins who were still corny and nervous around one another, the lioness slowly opened her bedroom doors just wide enough for her to walk through it:

“Hi. Hello,” she purred, while walking towards Santana.
He stood up nervously and began walking towards her-so as to shorten her distance to him as a courtesy.
“Hello, Mrs. Angie’s mom. I asked Angie what I should call you and she never wrote me back to tell me-and I wanted to make sure I addressed you the way you wanted to be addressed!” he said-sounding like the juvenile he was.

I shook my head back and forth as it rested in my hand with my elbow on the arm of the couch-chuckling to myself at Santana-standing there with that pork chop Adidas suit on and a dunce cap-still knowing nothing about the storm that had blown through this very same house over the past 48-hours was the same one that just blew him through the door and into the wild.

I eagerly waited to hear what my mom was going to say to Santana, as he stood there looking like fresh meat.
The long pause and stare ended:
“Yeah you lil’ fart! The next time you bring your tail to this house, you make sure you leave out the same way you came in! You hear me?”

Santana turned to me-startled-just about as startled as I was when I looked up at him-having no idea that she would spew that out of that mouth of hers.

He had no choice but to think that I told her, so he merely replied:
“Yes ma’am.”
I lifted my hand from my head and shrugged my shoulders as if to say:
“Well-the cat’s out the bag now.” I played along with it.

Mom continued:
“That yachamaine-panini is not going to fly in here! You farts aren’t making any feet for socks up over in this establishment where she does not pay any rent! I’m the only grown-up in here that’s got permission to be laying up-because I’m the only one in here who’s paying up!” she said firmly, but in a way so as to not scare him off too bad.

“Yes, ma’am,” Santana replied, having no idea what the hell any of that meant.

My mom spoke a language all her own sometimes-something only my brothers and I could translate. She retired to her bedroom and grabbed the double-doors hesitantly at first.

By the middle of closing it-she looked in at us and though not with her full blessing; pleasantly nonetheless. She backed off-leaving us alone for the evening, without giving me instructions on what time he should leave or how close not to sit."


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