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Building an Empire from Goals of Mine, w/a Gold Mind, and No Gold Mines-Brick by Brick at a Time!


 Angela Sherice...is who I am. Not an image of, or in front of a "product" or "persona." Pretty much anything that bares my name written in, or on it (blogs, my books, online communities etc.) contain elements within what my slogan is-because I am writer of: EROTIC, or INTROSPECTIVE, REFLECTIVE, SELF-EFFICACIOUS & METAPHYSICAL works. My brand, interest, and concern are those subjects and subject matter. 

In addition to literature, I am an artist of both the Fine/Visual and Creative arts.

My artistic integrity is cardinal-first-more than the opinion or judgment of you or whatever your compass (moral, creative, personal, or otherwise) may be. And under no uncertain terms do I make any compromises with regard to that.

I'm an "acquired" taste but if all that is something you can respect, then you'll definitely love [the writer] in me. 

I write and create how I think.

I write and create what I observe.

I write and create how I feel.

I write and create how I live.

I write and create how I've lived, and how people like YOU-YOURSELF, live...

I am a person-a human being: being, loving, and living.

I write and create from my heart (first). 

I do not write or create to fit a mold of "new what's happenings," or to tip-toe around toes, nor do I write for shock-value or to purposely offend but rather, with a relatable grit that you can sink your heart, head, and teeth into. 

For those reasons, I fancy myself a "writer"-a real writer and visual artist.

I am an "author" because I am the authority of anything that I write about.

I have 100% creative control of my work. When you get acquainted with my writing; you and I have officially connected-and you have officially met


As the authority of the subject matters that I write about, I allow you to read and decide if, and how you fit in or relate-and from there, you and I can get acquainted.

So hello, pleased to meet you...

In my  FICTION NOVELS (most recent fiction novel), narrate from in my own voice through each character and scene that I create. I am in your ear-revealing:

  • surprises
  • remedies
  • laughs
  • secrets                                                                        

to you while you give me the honor of listening with your eyes, your heart, and your mind-that I will surely commandeer while you lend me your time.

In my NONFICTION BOOKS, I am sharing with you (straight from the heart of me) my slant, or experience in the form of conversation. When I write about SPIRIT & SELFI tell it how I live it, see it, and use it.

When I write about SEXI write it with the "covers off." Period. Dot. I do not hold back, or play cute and coy, or overly technical and "safe." When I write about sex, I write to and for adults-not children.

When I write about LOVE, or RELATIONSHIP I take it straight to the gut (first).

Why? Because love is gut wrenching (at worst) and where butterflies flutter, fly, and reside (at best). From there, I take it to the heart, then the mind, like no one else you have ever read.

I am an experience. When I write, I do it my way.

I do not write (or speak) to gather a crowd...it's way too crowded there. After those moments-no one really retains the blessing or the lesson because it's too pie in the sky rather than up from that gut. And that's where I step in...and step up and move the 'crowd.'






A writer is a sketch artist with words. He has to bring them 3-D to life, and adopt a kind of written "reverse-narcissism" by making you feel certain that almost every poignant experience he writes about is true and/or all about him. By way of that, if he can bring you to a world outside of the one in your head and from where you sit-then he has met his job requirement. 



What kind of writer am I?


...(so I've heard).


But I Say, Simply: 

If you like a little Sex lots of Substance in Uninhibited + Unmatched storytelling, then you will love me.

That is my audience.

I love to write.
If you ever want to know what I think, what I feel, what I know, what I don't know, what I want to know, what happens, should have happened, what should happen-read my books,

I do not hold back. 

I am very raw.

My wordplay is like good foreplay: effortless and unmatched.

Words love me and I love words-I respect them and treat 'em right.
Words tickle me, so I tickle you with my words.
I am emotionally, mentally and physically sensual as well as interested and visual.

When I write, I am in the middle of the emotion of whatever words I create, and with that, I feel that it is my duty to bring the same emotion out of my reader long after I'm out having ice-cream while they are at home ingesting, absorbing or experiencing my work.

With words, I feel that they should reach all five senses so I express myself with them-uninhibitedly, and like no one else.

Poignant and significant, provoking: thought, contemplation or consideration-my formula is all my own.

Story lines that hit the head, heart and home.

I'm versatile, grateful, thankful and appreciative of being blessed with a gift like this, so I respect it-religiously without giving my head a lift.

I have been always thirsty for knowledge, a glutton for pleasure, in love with love, accepting of pain and mechanically curious about how all things are done: step-by-step, so I break things down to a science-everything.

With my words (through to your eyes and mind) I am subjective and provocative.

But through my eyes and mind, I am objective and technical; 3-D.

Sensually expressing them to you so as to make you taste everything that I taste, smell what I smell, hear what I hear, see what I see, feel what my heart feels, and think what my mind is thinking.

I am very confident, but humble about it and know full-well, my place in this thing.

I am never scared, or worried about anyone stepping on my toes.

I'm confidently in my own lane.

I respect those who did this before me and those doing it with me-I don't mind sharing the spotlight and spreading love.

I was built Ford Mustang tough for this game.
My words and word play run up on you because I'm a natural: my mother and father are wordsmiths and therefore-bred one, but for me, it's not a derby or competition-it's merely second nature.

In this game, for a lot of people, it is a competition and a race.
Me: I prance.
I have no competition, because I am assuredly solid, and with my own stance.

When I let these horsies out the gate you will always know.

I am confident and humble about my processes. I work in stable silence, steadfastly, and often times, I retreat.

I'm a stallion about this literature, don't ever let my silence about it get you lasso twisted...

I would feel bad and disrespectful of my gift if I bragged, hissed, bucked and drop kicked.

I don't talk a lot of shit-because I'm very confident that my work speaks for itself.

It's as simple as that.

-Angela Sherice

 Chakra: Crown.

Superpower Wish: Invisibility

Myer's Briggs: INTJ.

Universe Spirit: Sun position in constellation (sign of): Cancer.
Moon position is in constellation (sign of): Taurus.
Mercury position is in constellation (sign of): Gemini.
Venus position is in constellation (sign of): Leo.
Mars position is in constellation (sign of): Cancer.
Jupiter position is in constellation (sign of): Libra.
Saturn position is in constellation (sign of): Taurus.
Uranus position is in constellation (sign of): Libra.
Neptune position is in constellation (sign of): Scorpio.
Pluto position is in constellation (sign of): Virgo.

Elemental Spirit: Water.

Santeria Spirit: Oshun.

(Not)guilty Pleasure: Writing.

Plead: The 5th.

No Contest...